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Canon EOS ELAN 7E (Body) USED

  • $35.00

Camera body, battery pack and strap. Comes with original box.
Does not come with lens or film.


The EOS ELAN 7E features Eye Controlled Focus for faster way of selecting a focus point. The autofocus tracking speed of the EOS ELAN 7 /7E is extremly fast. Both models are compact, with easy to operate controls. The construction is rugged with WhisperDrive transport for silent shooting with Canon's USM lenses. Cameras features built-in, TTL automatic flash which pops-up automatically in low light or backlight situations. You can select single frame or continuous shooting at approximately 4 fps (3.5 fps in AI Servo AF), with additive frame counter. Shutter speeds range from 30 sec to 1/4000 (in 1/ 2-stop increments), plus bulb and 1/125 flash sync.

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